There are over 132 million children classified as orphans in the world.

Programs for orphan and needy children.

Hello, my name is Yana.  I am the director at Foreign Angels for Eastern Europe, I live in Cherkasy Ukraine.

Having lived in Ukraine my entire life I see the hardships people face everyday.

I work with the orphans and needy children.

Please open your heart and help these innocent victims.



All donations over $100.00 will receive thank you picture from person receiving gift.

Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Gift 1  Socks shoes and cloths for needy child ($25.00)
Gift 2  Safe house for abused woman and child ($25.00)
Gift 3  Life saving Medicine ($50.00)
Gift 4 Water filters for homes ($75.00)
Gift 5  Food basket for needy ($50.00)
Gift 6  Ukraine Safe house ($50.00)
Gift 7  Milk diapers and cloths for baby ($45.00)
Gift 8  Bike for transportation ($60.00)
Gift 9  Mosquito nets ($10.00)
Gift 10 Orphan children with special needs ($90.00)
Gift 11 Shelter for woman and baby ($50.00)
Gift 12 Bibles and books ($15.00)
Gift 13 Windows and door for special needs orphan home ($75.00)
Gift 14 Chickens, rabbits, goats, small livestock ($25.00)
Gift 15 Supplies for Missionary doctors ($50.00)
Gift 16 Hospice home or hospital ($50.00)
Gift 17 Blanket to stay warm ($10.00)
Gift 18 Shelter for victums of human trafficking ($75.00)
Gift 19 Prevention of hiv.aids ($45.00)
Gift 20 Birthday present for orphan child ($25.00)
Gift 21 Repair family home ($75.00)
Gift 22 Bocational training for young adults ($95.00)
Gift 23 Food for baby
Gift 24 Sports gear for needy orphan home or school ($95.00)
Gift 25 Crisis center ($75.00)

Donate to this project!

Donate to this project!