Provide supplies to desperate orphanage in Ukraine

This provides life sustaining supplies to a small 100 bed baby orphanage in Ukraine

About the Project

This orphanage is located in Ukraine. Currently (Febuary 2013) their are 100 children 0-4 years old. Most kids – social orphans (parents abandoned them in the hospital, parents in jail, parents are deprived of parental rights).  Some children  disabled with different diseases (Down syndrome, disorders of the nervous system, etc.). Also they have children who, due to illness can not rise (stand up), the number – 25 children. All of them need special treatments and special medicines.
Here is a list of things that the children’s home needs.
1) Pampers
2) Warm tights and socks
3) Underwear – shorts and T-shirts
4) wet wipes, diaper rash creams
5) Shampoo
6) Medicine
7) babypacifier, bottles and bottle packing
8) Mattresses in cribs for babies
And a very serious problem – strollers.


Program director Marina

Donate to this project!

Donate to this project!