This program provides temporary shelter for abused women and victim of sexual exploitation in Ukraine.

Hello everyone, my name is Nataliya, I am the director for Foreign Angles in southwestern Ukraine.  Being a single mom I know the challenges of trying to raise a child. I am fortunate to have my mother help me with my child when I work.  Many single moms have no way to support their children and end up giving their children to the state.  Please help us with our program and keep children out of state care orphan facilities. Temoporary shelter for mom and babies, abused women and victim of sexual exploitation.

Donation Items

All donations over $100.00 will receive thank you picture from person receiving gift.

Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Gift 1  Socks shoes and cloths for needy child ($25.00)
Gift 2  Safe house for abused woman and child ($25.00)
Gift 3  Life saving Medicine ($50.00)
Gift 4 Water filters for homes ($75.00)
Gift 5  Food basket for needy ($50.00)
Gift 6  Ukraine Safe house ($50.00)
Gift 7  Milk diapers and cloths for baby ($45.00)
Gift 8  Bike for transportation ($60.00)
Gift 9  Mosquito nets ($10.00)
Gift 10 Orphan children with special needs ($90.00)
Gift 11 Shelter for woman and baby ($50.00)
Gift 12 Bibles and books ($15.00)
Gift 13 Windows and door for special needs orphan home ($75.00)
Gift 14 Chickens, rabbits, goats, small livestock ($25.00)
Gift 15 Supplies for Missionary doctors ($50.00)
Gift 16 Hospice home or hospital ($50.00)
Gift 17 Blanket to stay warm ($10.00)
Gift 18 Shelter for victums of human trafficking ($75.00)
Gift 19 Prevention of hiv.aids ($45.00)
Gift 20 Birthday present for orphan child ($25.00)
Gift 21 Repair family home ($75.00)
Gift 22 Bocational training for young adults ($95.00)
Gift 23 Food for baby
Gift 24 Sports gear for needy orphan home or school ($95.00)
Gift 25 Crisis center ($75.00)

Donate to this project!

Donate to this project!